Monday, 4 April 2016

The Amazing Mrs Burt!!

PD today came with lots of laughs, chocolates and best of all Mrs Burt's amazingness! As a staff we walked around and got stuck into the adage 'if it's worth teaching or learning it's worth capturing'... a valuable concept when considering our realm of rewindable learning. For what ever reason, the ability for the teacher and learner to have rewindable access to any teaching or learning that has been 'captured' can only enhance learning at all levels within the ubiquitous learning environment.

Oh, and a big thanks Ms King for reminding us of the importance of 'water cooler convos'--- now we just need to make sure they continue to take place and of course find a water cooler to lean on!!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Reading Reimagined

When asked by Rebecca Jesson if we could 'reimagine' what would our vision for reading be when thinking of 21st C pedagogy...
1) Multiple iterations of reading, writing, listening, speaking.
2) Repetition and recycling.
3) Fine motor development to support creation and design
4) Creating and scaffolding as needed. Adding in spontaneous work/word work.
5) Engaged- thinking, reading as much as possible. Ability to engage freely in other texts (Sunshine Classics)
6) Successful for the child, manageable for the teacher. Teacher helping the child to self pace.
7) Alignment with Reading Progressions to support next steps.
8) The same but different... changing/ adding challenges depending on reading levels.
Imagining has already taken shape!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The end marks a new beginning...

In October this large chunk of writing was handed in...this week it came back as an A-
All those letters/words and they all came down to 1 letter and a sign! I'm not complaining...instead breathing a sigh of relief!